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There were some last classes yesterday. A teacher sang for me. Some offered a encouraging word. Others took me to a starbucks and treated me.And another offered cordial words and left me with an unforgettable memory. I was deeply impressed by their cordiality.And I went to a pizzeria with some teachers and students at night . After that, I got a drink and greatly enjoyed games.

All teachers and students are nice and kind. I like their good personalities. I’m glad that I came to F2F English School because I was able to meet them.
I never thought I could have such a precious day in my life. December 20,2014 has become an unforgettable day.

All my classes finished. One teacher told me her life, another gave me a lot of advice and another sang my favorite song despite a sore throat.The other, who has taught me for over two months, offered unexpected and pleasant words. And a former teacher, who works in Cambodia, did a lot of things for me.

I’m lucky to have good teachers. Most of them are younger than me but I learned how to make my life better from them.

The time just flew by. I lived a life of comfort. Chef’s meals are better than restaurant’s. Housekeepers keep student’s rooms clean. And Tagaytay is cool.

F2F English school has a good learning environment.
I learned weaknesses in my English through classes and tests. And teachers told me how to improve them.
I will keep studying because English makes my small world bigger. I am able to talk with English speakers,become close to and learn a lot of things from them. It is the most important thing I learned here.


ここで出会った先生たちや生徒たちは素晴らしいパーソナリティーの持ち主で、みんな親切で素敵な人たちばかりです。そんな彼らと出会うことができ、Face to Face English Schoolに来ることができて本当に感謝しています。


2か月あまり授業を受け持ってくれたある先生は、予想だにしなかった素晴らしいメッセージをくれました。そして別の先生(F2Fを退職して今はカンボジアで働いている)もたくさんのサプライズをしてくれました。私はFace to Face English Schoolで素晴らしい先生たちと出会えて本当に幸せです。彼らの多くは私より年下ですが、彼らから自分自身の人生をよりよくする方法を学びました。

時はあっという間に過ぎ去りましたが、とても居心地のいい時間の中で過ごすことができました。シェフのマニュエルの料理はレストランの料理よりもおいしかったです。ハウスキーパーさんたちも部屋をいつもキレイにしてくれました。タガイタイも涼しくて過ごしやすかったです。Face to Face English Schoolは英語を学ぶ環境としてとてもよい場所でした。



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