Face to Face English SchoolのMattが「フィリピン留学ラジオ」を運営している中谷さんからインタビューを受けました。


What is Tagaytay Like?

Tagaytay is known as a vacation destination. The highland offers a cool temperature, luscious vegetation, nice scenery, fine dining, and fun activitie …

Spend Your Vacation at F2F English School

Tagaytay is a good place to spend your vacation, and for learning English as well. Why?…because Tagaytay is one of the more visited cities in the country because of its cooler climate. It is close to the city (Manila) and yet because of its high altitude the weather is very relaxing.

Learn from the best English teachers

Soon this area will be filled with fun stories and helpful advice from our talented teachers. Check back often because they will add new articles all …